The Good Life Bundle - Finances, Nutrition, Goal Setting

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Three life-changing products - in one

Set and plan to achieve your goals, align your spending with your values, and track your nutrition intake to be your best self - all with this bundle.

Included are three separate products, each priced at $9, created to help you become your best self. But with this new bundle, they can all be yours for less than the price of two of them alone.

See below for more details on each:

  • Personal Nutrition Tracker: $9- Have specific protein and calorie intake goals? This doc is perfect for you. Create a food log, keep track of your progress, and hit your targets, effortlessly.
  • Conscious Spending Plan: $9- Based off Ramit Sethi's "I Will Teach You To Be Rich", this doc guides you through the process of creating and sticking to a "Conscious Spending Plan".
  • Goal Tracker and Planner: $9 - Don't just hope to hit your goals - plan to. This Goal Tracker and Planner helps you layout your yearly, quarterly, and monthly goals, and creates the structure to review each of them at a regular cadence, keeping track of progress along the way.

A $27 value - yours for $17

All tools are built in Coda, an easy and free-to-use and customize Notion alternative that is taking the productivity world by storm. If you love deep integrations with apps you already use in your day-to-day, you'll love Coda.

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Three amazing Coda products

Product #1
Personal Nutrition Tracker
Product #2
Conscious Spending Plan
Product #3
Goal Tracker and Planner
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The Good Life Bundle - Finances, Nutrition, Goal Setting

0 ratings
I want this!